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4 Apps That'll Make Your Life More Efficient

4 Apps That'll Make Your Life More Efficient


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If you're anything like me, you probably have more apps on your phone than you can count.  Sometimes I'll hear about an app and head to the app store to get it, only to realize that I downloaded it a very long time ago! Haha oops!  But for the most part, I attempt to keep apps on my phone that I actually use on a regular basis.  There are some that make my life so much easier and much more efficient and I've decided to share them with you!

Google Pay Send (formerly Google Wallet)

Say goodbye to every other app that makes you wait business days to send and receive money for free or pay a small fee to transfer it instantly.  With Google Pay Send, you can transfer money for free and it happens immediately, even on the weekends!  My boyfriend and I took a trip to Gatlinburg with some friends this past November for our Friendsgiving.  When we made it to the strip to do some shopping, we realized we had left our wallets at the hotel!  Oh, the horror!  If you've ever been to Gatlinburg, then you know how much traffic you have to get through to make it to the strip, especially around a holiday when everyone and their second cousin twice removed are visiting.  Our hotel was about 30 minutes away and there was NO way we were turning around to get our cards.  We were so super bummed because we arrived knowing that we were stocking up on hot sauces at Pepper Palace for Christopher, as well as doing the moonshine and wine tastings.  Thankfully, our amazing friends introduced us to this app and offered to put our purchases on their cards if we could send them the money.  TA-DAH!  Problem solved.  We had a blast, were able to purchase what we wanted, and our friends were reimbursed immediately without having to wait for the money to hit their bank account on the next business day.

With Google Pay Send, you should be able to link all of your debit/credit cards and even your gift cards and loyalty program cards!  It will keep track of your recent purchases and also help you locate nearby stores.

Google Pay Send for Android

Google Pay Send for iOS


Grocery shopping made easier!  My introduction to this app is all thanks to my momma!  When Christopher and I were in the process of buying our house in 2016, there was a one month period between our rental lease ending and the closing date of our home.  During that month, I stayed with my parents, and my sweet mother wanted to make sure that her fridge was stocked with things I liked and needed.  She had me download Wunderlist and then invited me to 'her grocery list.'  I received the invite through email, accepted it, and then had access to her grocery list on my app.  Whenever I came up with something I needed, I added it to that list on my app, which then sent her a notification.  Once she made it to the grocery store, she was able to pull the grocery list up on her phone and check the items off as she put them in her cart.  I turned my notifications off so my phone didn't ding after every item she checked, but I had the ability to open the app and see what items she had purchased if I wanted to.

After we closed on our first home, I kept the app, created my own grocery list, and invited Christopher to my list.  It makes it SO much easier to grocery shop now!  Whoever heads to the grocery store knows exactly what needs to be purchased.  It eliminates us having to call each other and spend 10 minutes trying to remember what all we needed.  We also don't have to worry about forgetting a hand-written grocery list at home.  Wunderlist isn't just for grocery lists though!  You can create your to-do list, your honey-do list, and more!

Wunderlist for Android

Wunderlist for iOS


Goodbye to the days of overdrawing my checking account because I spent too much money and forgot a large bill hadn't come out yet!  Hello to proper money management, saving money, and adulting!  The checkbook app is so user friendly and I don't have to worry about carrying an actual paper checkbook around with me anywhere.  You can keep track of your income, your purchases, transfers between your accounts, and even view reports on your spending habits.  You're also given the ability to set up recurring transactions.  For example, my car insurance is due on the 10th of every month.  To make sure I know ahead of time when it is coming out, I set up my app so it deducts that amount from my checkbook a few days before.  That way when I view my app every day, I can make sure I have enough funds in that specific account or transfer funds over so I'm prepared when the payment actually does hit my account.  Once payments have processed, you can go back in and reconcile your checkbook app; it will un-highlight the transaction so you can easily tell which ones have finalized or not.

Checkbook for Android

Checkbook for iOS


This is another great app introduced to me by my wonderful mother and is great for any small business owner!  My mom is a realtor and swears by this app!  So as a wedding planner with my own business, I took her advice (because mom is pretty much always right) and I bought the app for only a few dollars.  Let me tell you, when it was time for me to work on my taxes this year, XpenseTracker made it so much easier!  First things first, you set up a New Log.  I find it easier to create a new log for each month - December 2017, January 2018, and so on.  Within that log, you can create a new Expense, new Mileage, or new Income.  Long gone are the days of trying to keep track of all your paper receipts because the app lets you take a picture of your receipt for each expense.  You can also list the category (fuel, lunch, drinks, car rental, telephone, etc), customize your own categories, list the client, description, merchant, and cost.  When you open your log, you can view each transaction by Date, Category, Mileage Allowance, and more.  If you need to send everything to your accountant, the app allows you to export or email your logs directly from the app.

XpenseTracker for Android

XpenseTracker for iOS



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