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How I Met My Bearded Man

How I Met My Bearded Man

Our 2-year anniversary - tequila shots at Banners!

[Inserting sappy love post here]. Christopher and I met almost 4 years ago and have been dating for 3.5 years. He is so caring, chivalrous, and comical...and quite a hunk, in my opinion. How I got so lucky, I'll never understand. What I do understand though, is that love really can happen when you stop looking for it. We never meant to date and we never meant to fall in love...it just happened. Here's how it all started...

Every year, there is a St. Patrick's Day Parade in downtown Lexington, KY. On March 15, 2014, I was scheduled to bartend happy hour at Two Keys Tavern. I received a text from my friend, Reza, who said a group of our friends had a couple tables outside of Parlay Social, and that I should join them. At first I was hesitant because downtown was packed full of people, like a can of sardines, but I finally gave in. On my walk down to the St. Patricks's celebration, I decided it was a great excuse to stop and get my favorite green smoothie along the way. As soon as I got downtown, some jack*** was rudely pushing his way through the crowd and trying to run, which caused him to slam directly into me...into my green smoothie too. The styrofoam cup smashed and within seconds I. WAS. COVERED! Green smoothie in my hair, all down my shirt, and so much on my face that I couldn't even open my eyes without it dripping in. Do you think that stopped him? No. Thankfully, a lady nearby grabbed my arm and lead me to a nearby pizzeria. She started grabbing napkins and handing me some, and we both started clearing my face off so that I could see again. Most people might've said screw it and gone back home, but I was so irritated that I just said screw it and went on to meet my friends. Everyone else downtown was in green anyways, so I didn't really stick out like a sore thumb. I also figured that I'd know everyone at our tables. I was wrong.

As I sat down at the table, I noticed this beautiful man sitting right across from me. Of course I was saying in my head, "Why God? Why is there an incredibly good looking man in front of me while I'm covered in green smoothie?" ???

So our mutual friend, Reza, introduced us...

Reza: "Zander, this is Flaga. Flaga, this is Zander." (All of our friends call us by our last names)

Me: "Is Flaga your last name? I went to high school with a guy named Philip Flaga - I was his football manager."

Flaga: "Yeah, that's my little brother." (There’s a 9-year age gap between Christopher and I)

& the conversations continued. This Flaga guy was talking to me like a completely normal human being and pretty much ignored the fact that I still had green smoothie all over me. ??????

Christopher + Me, Parlay Social, 2017 St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Fast forward a month or so later...Reza, who was a regular at Two Keys, brought Mr. Christopher Flaga with him one night when I was bartending. LET. ME. TELL YOU. This Flaga guy came in wearing a long-sleeved, black, v-neck shirt, with the sleeves pushed up a bit, jeans, and flip flops. He was smoking hot...and he still is! I was infatuated, but I kept my cool. I had just ended a few-month-long rebound relationship with an over-controlling guy, and a six year relationship right before that. I knew that I didn't want to fall for anyone anytime soon or jump into another rebound relationship, but Flaga was hilarious and sweet and I knew I wanted to at least become friends with the guy.


Flaga started coming around Two Keys more often and eventually we became friends and added each other on Snapchat. One night after I had finished bartending, Flaga sent me a snapchat saying that he and his roommate had just left the bars downtown, were headed to Taco Bell, and wanted to know if I would like to join.  Remember in my first post, A Little About Me!, when I said he kidnapped me and didn't take me to Taco Bell?  Well, here's how that all played out. It was around 4:00am, I was tired and hungry, and of course I told him that he could pick me up to go get food. I got in the car and his roommate, Tim, was driving. We make our way down Nicholasville Rd in Lexington...

Me: "um guys...we just passed Taco Bell..."

Flaga & Tim: *both look over their shoulder at the now distant Taco Bell* "Oh hahaha I forgot we were going there," "Oh crap, well too late now"

Me: "Hmm, well if we're not going to Taco Bell, you still have to turn around and take me back home"

Flaga & Tim: "Nahhh, let's just have a morning party instead. Start calling your friends and tell them to come over"

Mind you...it's past FOUR IN THE MORNING at this point!

But I started calling/texting our mutual friends anyways (the ones we knew had left the bars & might still be up). The only one to make it to our morning party was our friend, Cory.

Flaga and I ended up sitting on his back patio for the majority of the morning, talking about music and life and so much more. When we finally decided it was time to go inside and go to sleep, I walked over to open the door...

Flaga: "WAIT, the door handle is broken! It won't just open."

Me: "ooook, then how am I supposed to open it?"

Flaga: "You have to jiggle it slightly to the right"

Me: *jiggles door handle slightly to the right*

Flaga: "Now jiggle it slightly to the left."

Me: *jiggles door handle slightly to the left*

Flaga: "Now you have to kiss me..."

Me: *laughing because now I see where this is going* *kisses hot guy*

Flaga: "Now the door will open"

I don't care how many times I tell this story, it will never get old!  Christopher thinks it's embarrassing and corny, but I LOVED it.  It was corny, it was cheesy, but it was so incredibly sweet and funny.  After that night, we basically were inseparable.  We did make it very clear to one another that we didn't want to date, as I had just ended a rebound relationship after a 6-year relationship, and he had just ended a 4.5-year relationship.  So we became best friends, literally.  We were together every single day, did everything together, and we even bought American Flag bathing suits and overalls to wear to the lake with a group of about 20 of our friends.

Me + Christopher + Cory, Cave Run Lake, Memorial Weekend

Fast forward a couple months later...we made it back to his place after a night out and decided to have a couple more drinks. We mocked society and how so many people say you aren't actually in a relationship unless it's "Facebook official." The next morning, on July 3, 2014, we both woke up to ridiculous amounts of notifications from Facebook. We had somewhat jokingly marked ourselves as "In a Relationship" with each other on Facebook and by the time we woke up, there were hundreds of likes and hundreds of comments such as, "about time," "took y'all long enough," and "finally!" So we decided to go for it and see where the road took us.

Fast forward a little while later...I was driving us back to Christopher's one evening and we were jamming to really loud music. Right before we reached his neighborhood, he turned the music down and said he needed to tell me something.  I asked him what it was.  Then he said, "never mind," and turned the music back up. We pulled into his neighborhood and right as we reached the first stop sign, he turned the music back down again and said, "I think I'm falling in love with you." Y'all, I became giggle-central!  Part of me didn't know how to react because this was never supposed to happen, but more of me knew it was exactly what I wanted to hear because I was feeling exactly the same way.  So I told him that I was also falling in love with him and then he pulled my face in close and kissed me.  That, my friends, is how the Zander-Flaga duo came to life.

Our first vacation together

Now, tell me in the comments below how you met your significant other!

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