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20+ Ideas for a 2018 Pantone Ultra Violet Wedding!

20+ Ideas for a 2018 Pantone Ultra Violet Wedding!


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During a year of my favorite color being featured as the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year - GREENERY!!! - I was curious as to what 2018 would bring.  How any color of the year could top my favorite color, I have no idea. Green is nature, green is organic, and I'm an Earth Day baby, soooo I kind've love it.  But now we're onto a new color, new trends, and new creations.  The 2018 Pantone Color of the Year is Ultra Violet.  I will say that I expected a more dusty color to be chosen for 2018 and I was a little shocked to see that such a vibrant shade of purple was picked.  Curiosity gets the best of me though, so of course I looked up the description to see why ultra violet won over all of the other thousands of colors in the Pantone system.

After reading through, it makes sense why this color was chosen.  As Pantone states on their website, ultra violet "communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future," and this is a time when so many people are moving towards working for themselves - bloggers, digital nomads, social media influencers, wedding planners, boutique owners, and more.  It's a bright color, a color that some people are scared to use, and you can have plenty of fun with it.

Purple weddings aren’t very common, at least in Kentucky, and I’m curious to see how many couples start incorporating this color into their wedding theme this year.  I do think it can be overdone if not paired correctly with other colors.  To help prevent you from having a full blown tacky wedding, I've compiled some inspiration for incorporating ultra violet and other shades of purple into your special day.  For even more, follow my Pinterest board, Wedding Theme - Purple!

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For starters, how INSANELY gorgeous is this purple-toned wedding dress?  Great for the non-conformist bride, but not too different to make traditional guests cringe!

Purple Wedding Dress

Flowers, flowers, flowers!  Purple hydrangeas are a great filler flower.  They are full and plush, and make your arrangements look larger.  Purple roses give a classy, elegant look, and of course you can't have a purple wedding without some lavender!  Lavender bonus: it may help you naturally relax on your wedding day ;)  You can see lists of popular purple flowers by visiting my Pinterest board, Wedding Theme - Purple!

Purple Floral Wedding Centerpiece

Purple Hydrangea Wedding Centerpiece

Purple Wedding Bouquet

Custom colored champagne, and wine themed decor? Yes, please! I absolutely love the idea of cork or wine bottle table numbers for a vineyard wedding or a garden wedding!

Purple-dyed Champagne

Wine Cork Table Numbers

Wine Bottle Table Numbers

This bride did it right.  Instead of putting all of her bridesmaids in one shade of purple, she mixed and matched.  The different shades of purple work perfectly together and also help each dress to stand out.  Their look is great for a spring or summer wedding.

Mixed & Matched Purple Bridesmaids Dresses

For a fall wedding, a deep purple bridesmaids dress helps create the romantic look your guests will crave!

Dark Purple Bridesmaids Dresses

After the ceremony, kick off those uncomfortable heels & enjoy your reception with these adorable hubby & wife Converse!  As a wedding planner, I see most all of my brides change their shoes after just minutes of dancing.  At least if you have these Converse, they’ll go with the rest of your wedding theme!

Purple & Black, Hubby & Wife Converse

Knock out the groomsmen gift and keep them within the purple color theme with fun argyle socks!

Groom with Purple Accessories

Purple Argyle Socks

This ultra violet uplighting has me dreaming of an elegant Cinderella wedding with lots of champagne and dancing!

Ultra Violet Wedding Reception Uplighting

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Don’t these cakes look so delicious?  Although, they’re so pretty that I’m not sure I’d even want to cut them!

Purple & White Wedding Cakes

Lavender soaps not only make super cute wedding favors for your guests, but they also smell AMAZING!

Lavender Soap Wedding Favors

There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing your wedding and deciding on the table decor.  You can decorate with clear and white decor but use uplighting to tint everything purple and give off a romantic ambiance, or you can just use purple flowers, candles, napkins and so much more!

White & Clear Table Decor with Purple Uplighting

Rustic Purple Centerpiece

Vibrant Purple Centerpiece

Pending your venue allows confetti, these small bottles of purple hearts are such a cute idea for your guests to throw as they send you off to your honeymoon!  Always make sure to check with your venue and read through the contract before purchasing your send-off items!  All venues are different, but some may not allow fire (sparklers, paper lanterns), anything small that isn't biodegradable and easy to clean up (glitter, confetti), or sometimes even balloons!

Purple Heart-Shaped Confetti for a Wedding Send-off


Some weddings can look tacky with vibrant purples or ultra violet, but there are ways to use so much of it and still make your big day elegant and tasteful.  If you find that you're having trouble with your decor and design, it always helps to hire a wedding planner & designer who has seen what does and doesn't look good in person many times before.  Have you already had your wedding and used purple as one of your colors??  If yes, then head over to my Pinterest board, Wedding Theme - Purple, and post your photos in the comments section of the different pins you tried!

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